I hereby request and consent to the performance of massage therapy by Robert Holmes at All Doll'd up beauty bar. Massage in general provides benefits of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, spasm, or pain, and it increases circulation and energy flow. I understand that massage therapists/ technicians do not diagnose illness or disease, perform any spinal manipulation, nor do they prescribe any medical treatments. I am aware that therapeutic massage is not a substitute for medical examination and will seek health care for those services. I accept that massage promises no long-term results nor will it cure my health problems.
The therapist must be aware of all health conditions due to certain contraindications or cautions for massage. I have disclosed all such conditions. I will also update any changes to my health in future sessions.
If any time during the massage the client or therapist is uncomfortable for any reason, they shall immediately say so.
Sexual advances of any kind will not be tolerated.
Children are not permitted in the massage room the salon where the massage is being performed does not provide childcare services.
All information will be kept strictly confidential and will remain with the therapist 
I have read and agree with the above information. If I have any questions or concerns, I will let the therapist know right away.